The winery

The winery "Ecker - Eckhof" is a family owned business situated in the idyllic village Mitterstockstall. The name "Eckhof" derives from the location of the winery, which lies at a crossroads, and the family name "Ecker".

The winery is excellently established in the local as well as in the international market. The vineyard area of 24 hectares is managed by Bernhard Ecker, who continues the farm of his parents Johann and Marianne in their sense, with the aim to produce honest and characterful wines.  

The fact that the winery places great value on tradition is reflected also in the winery logo. The grandfather, Johann Ecker, was one of the last guardians of Stockstall. A vineyard keeper, so called "Hiata" in eastern Austria had to guard the grapes. Their distinguishing feature was the "guardian star". This guardian star is an integral part of the "Ecker-logo".

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